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Letters to Father Christmas

The Nursery children have had a very busy and exciting time writing and posting letters to Father Christmas!  Everybody thought carefully about what they might like to say to Father Christmas, and spent a long time getting their letters just right.  All of the children signed their names beautifully at the ends of their letters, to make sure Father Christmas knows where to send his reply.  Once our letters were finished and sealed in their envelopes, we read The Jolly Christmas Postman, to start us thinking about how our letters might make their way to Father Christmas.  We decided that our letters would need to be posted so that the postman could come and pick them up, so we set off in groups to walk to the postbox.  We thought carefully about how to keep safe on our walk, especially when it came to crossing the road.  We all enjoyed posting our letters into the postbox – some of us were tall enough to reach by ourselves, but some of us needed a helping hand!  Back at Nursery we watched a video which showed us how letters are taken to the sorting office, and sorted by huge machines – now we’re just hoping our letters make it safely to Father Christmas’ workshop in time!

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

We have had an exciting week in Nursery learning all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night on the 5th of November.  After talking about the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, the children decided that we should build our own bonfire in the garden!  They collected together all of our wooden planks, along with lots of sticks and leaves, and did a super bit of teamwork to create a great bonfire.  We decided it was best not to light it (!) but we did make our own guy for the top.  The children enjoyed rolling newspaper into balls to stuff an old jumper and pair of trousers, and we all had a lovely time eating our snacks around our bonfire.  During the week we have used cardboard tubes, paint and glitter to create some beautiful firework pictures, and the children have mastered counting down from 5 to ‘blast off!’ to launch their own fabulous shape rockets.  We finished the week with some sparklers in the garden, which gave us a great opportunity to talk about firework safety, and to write some instructions together.

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2


What a busy week of bear hunting we had last week in Nursery!

The children absolutely loved listening to and joining in with the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ (on quite a number of occasions!), and all became experts at the repeated refrain!  They listened carefully to the sounds associated with the different obstacles in the story, and played games matching the sounds to the correct actions.  We  watched a performance of the story by the author, Michael Rosen and had lots of practice of retelling the story whilst playing in our ‘bear hunt’ tuff tray, complete with real mud, lots of grass, a shaving foam snowstorm, a ‘splashy sploshy’ river and lots of twigs and leaves to ‘stumble trip’ in.  We used the patterns made by the words in the story to practise our mark making, and exercised our fingers by threading laces and using tweezers to pick up pom pom ears and googly eyes for bear faces.  Our maths activities included matching bears to pattern cards according to their colour and size, and counting how many bears were hiding in different caves!  One of our STEM challenges was to build a cave for bears using building blocks and natural materials.  The children were brilliant at this, and lots of very complicated structures were produced!

The pinnacle of the week’s excitement was definitely our own bear hunt in Forest School!  We searched high and low, making our way over, under and through lots of obstacles, before finally finding our bear in his own little cave in a tree!  Luckily, he was a very friendly bear, who was happy to accompany us back to Nursery for more fun and games.

BUSY BEES BLOG 18th September

What a fun and super-busy first week back at Nursery!  The children have all adapted brilliantly to our new drop-off routine, and everyone is trying hard to come in with a cheerful smile and a wave.  We have focused on settling in and learning new routines this week.  The Nursery Class children have learned our ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Goodbye’ songs, have practised answering to their names in the register, and have learned all about our ‘Give me 5’ rules – they might be able to tell you about them at home!  They have also been practising good handwashing, and have learned another new song to help with this!  All of the children have enjoyed exploring the nursery inside and out, and trying out all of the activities on offer – have a look at the photos for just a few examples of what they’ve been up to.  We’ve even managed to squeeze in school photos and a fire drill – phew, what a busy week!

Busy Bees Blog 11th September

We have had a lovely week in the nursery, welcoming our Busy Bees old and new!  It has been wonderful to see parents and children having fun in our garden again after so many very strange months.  Our initial meetings have all gone very well, and we are so looking forward to having all of our children in for their proper nursery sessions from next week.  Our first couple of weeks back will be spent settling in and exploring our surroundings, and practising our listening skills.  Then we’ll be ready to embark upon our first topic of the year – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!  Don’t forget to bring your smiles!

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