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Please see below for our knowledge organisers for each half-term in Nursery and the long-term overview of our curriculum.

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Playgroup Long-term curriculum map

Nursery w/b 20.5.24

Our story will be:  Tidy

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Ring a ring o roses

Our maths work will focus on:   Capacity – how much liquid a container can hold.  We will be using the vocabulary of ‘full’ and ‘empty’ and comparing different containers.

We will also be:  finding out about floods and how mud is made, making boats to save Pete the Badger from the flood, and revising rhyme and initial sounds.

A Visit From the Police!

We had a very exciting time this morning, when some officers from Wymondham Police Station came to see us with their police car! They parked their car on the playground and told us all about what it means to be a police officer. We were allowed to try on police uniform, hold some handcuffs, and even sit inside the police car! At the end of the morning, they very kindly turned on the lights and sirens for us so we could experience them close up. The officers also explained that they are not just there to ‘catch baddies’, but that they are the people you should go to if you need help, or are lost. The children have all promised to give any police officers they see when they’re out and about a smile and a wave!

Nursery w/b 13.5.24

Our story will be:  Tidy

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Jack and Jill

Our number work will focus on:   Copying, extending and creating repeating patternsWe will also be:  learning about the minibeasts that live in our garden and Forest School, creating our own bug hotels and minibeast crafts, and continuing our work on rhyme.

Nursery w/b 7.5.24

Our story will be:  Errol’s Garden

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Humpty Dumpty

Our number work will focus on:   More/fewer, accurate counting, and representing numbersWe will also be:  doing lots of work on rhyme, printing with celery, broccoli and onions, talking and learning about our favourite vegetables and creating a bar chart to show you what they are, and scrubbing, peeling and chopping different vegetables.

Nursery w/b 29.4.24

Our story will be:  Errol’s Garden

Our rhyme of the week will be:  The Grand Old Duke of York

Our maths work will focus on:  addition within 5 (combining sets)

We will also be:  designing our ‘dream gardens’, sorting objects by their initial sound, visiting our allotment and doing some planting, making paintbrushes using natural materials and testing them out, and sorting seeds using tweezers.

Nursery w/b 22.4.24

Our story will be:  The Extraordinary Gardener

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Little Bo Peep

Our number work will focus on:   Revising numbers 1-4

We will also be:  creating our own garden collages using natural materials, planting cress and grass seeds and finding out what they need in order to grow healthily, making some information posters, and sorting objects by initial sound

Exploring the Natural World at Nursery

This half term at Nursery we are exploring the plants and animals in our local environment, finding out about how they live and grow, and how we can take care of them.  We started this week by reading a lovely story, ‘The Extraordinary Gardener’ by Sam Boughton.  If you would like to hear it, click here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MLhaSCjFLE  In the story, Joe, a little boy with a ‘wild imagination’, plants a tiny apple seed, and with love and patience creates a more beautiful world for himself and his neighbours. We were inspired by the story to plant our own seeds, so despite the rather wet and windy weather we have all planted sunflower seeds this week – we will be looking after them indoors until the weather outside is a bit more agreeable!  We also had a look at one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings of sunflowers together, studying the shapes and colours, and then had a go at our own ‘still life’ paintings of a vase of chrysanthemums.  We’re very proud of our creations!  Outside, we’ve been studying the plants and trees on our field and in Forest School, and we’ve enjoyed watching busy bees transferring pollen between the blossoms on our apple trees.

Nursery w/b 18.3.24

Our story will be:  Tiddler

Our rhyme of the week will be:  The Farmer’s in his Den

Our number work will focus on:   Revising 1, 2 and 3

We will also be:  Exploring floating and sinking, thinking about initial sounds, dreaming up some more ‘tall tales’ for Tiddler, and starting work on some salt dough Easter baskets.

World Book Day in Nursery

What a lot of fun we had celebrating all of our favourite stories on World Book Day! The children looked amazing in their costumes – thank you for all your efforts. We explored three of our favourite stories, ‘The Little Red Hen’, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and ‘Owl Babies’, using props and loose parts, and did LOTS of reading. All of the children had their moment in the spotlight, when they stood up on the steps and told all of their friends about their favourite story character.

Nursery w/b 11.3.24

Our story will be:  The Way Back Home

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Here we go round the mulberry bush

Our number work will focus on:   Naming and describing shapes

We will also be:  creating and labelling our own ‘Martians’, thinking about what makes a good friend, and taking part in some exciting Science Week activities, including a ‘Sorceror’s Apprentice’ workshop!

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