Specialist Resource Base (SRB)

“Children in the SRB make outstanding progress” Ofsted 2013.

“I was not good at talking. I’m good at talking now!” October 2019“I like playing ‘Find your Fish’ game in group. You get to play in a team”

“My child doesn’t get frustrated with his speech now. We are getting lots of positive comments about their speech from friends and family. I would 100% recommend the SRB”. October 2019 

Our SRB provides specialist teaching for children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). This teaching is integrated with speech therapy provided by the health service. Places are allocated by the Local Authority.

A full time teacher and teaching assistant work in the SRB supported by the speech therapist. We also have an outreach teacher who works with all five SRBs for SLCN across the county.

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School Administrator: Miss Paula Bilverstone
Email: office@browickroad.norfolk.sch.uk

SENCO: Corrina Peachment
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