The Children and Families Act was implemented in September 2014. It details how schools will meet the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. Norfolk Children’s Services publish their ‘Local Offer’ and our school has its own ‘Information Report’ setting out what we offer at Browick.

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Norfolk’s local offer

Norfolk’s local offer – leaflet for parents

Special Educational Needs Regulations

Browick’s Teaching & Learning Policy

Browick provision map for SEND

Leaflet for parents of children in our specialist resource base for language

Equality Act Guidance

Brochure for our specialist resource base (SRB) for speech and language.

LDC SRB policy.

Wymondham Cluster SEND leaflet for parents.

Norfolk SEND partnership: Information, Advice and Support Service Newsletter

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School Administrator: Miss Paula Bilverstone

SENCO: Corrina Peachment