Below you can find a list of school policies:

Asthma Policy

This policy will help manage their asthma while they are at school. It will make sure that Norfolk County Council, school staff, governors, doctors and nurses work closely together to improve the day to day management of asthma in schoolchildren, allowing them to reach their full potential. More infomation can be found here.

Attendance Policy

For a child to reach their full educational achievement a high level of school attendance is essential. We will consistently work towards a goal of 100% attendance for all children. Every opportunity will be used to convey to pupils and their parents or carers the importance of regular and punctual attendance. More information on our Attendance Policy can be found here.

Click here to view our annual attendance letter.

Cluster Absence Policy

The Wymondham Cluster of Primary Schools is committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all children and recognises that this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent attendance for all, read the Cluster Absence Policy here.

Data Protection Policy

This policy is intended to ensure that personal information is dealt with correctly and securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and other related legislation.

Educational Visits Policy

To achieve success together through an educational visit, we aim to ensure that it should contribute to a child’s knowledge of one or more aspects of the curriculum and bring to this a wider, enriching perspective both educationally and socially. Read more here.

Equalities Information & Objectives Scheme (EIOS)

The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) in the Equality Act 2010 requires us to publish information to demonstrate how we are complying with the duty, and to prepare and publish equality objectives. This work enables us to achieve a framework for action which covers all equality strands, and ensures that we meet our responsibilities in the public sector duties in an inclusive way. Click here to read our policy.

Equalities Policy

This policy has been drawn up using the model policy from www.insted.co.uk as a framework and taking guidance from the Local Authority. The policy replaces the Anti-Racism Policy and covers all the protected characteristics in the school’s Equality Information and Objectives Scheme alongside which this policy should be read. You can read more here.

Please click here to see our Equality statement.

E-safety & Acceptable use

This policy is a safeguarding policy. Consequently the Headteacher, who is the Senior Designated Professional (SDP) for safeguarding, has overall responsibility for E-safety, read more.

Click here to find out how to keep your child safe online.

First Aid Policy

To be a good employer, Norfolk County Council (NCC) must have sound health and safety management policies and procedures. NCC’s future and success depends on a productive, safe and healthy workforce. In addition NCC recognises that it has a responsibility to protect employees and others who may be affected by its business against the risk of injury or ill health. Read more here.

Freedom of Information Policy

One of the aims of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (which is referred to as FOIA in the rest of this document) is that public authorities, including all maintained schools, should be clear and proactive about the information they will make public. Click here for more information.


GDPR document

Health and Safety

Effective health and safety management is integral to delivering our ambition for excellence in education and our performance as a school. Our overall objective is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff and pupils and others with whom we work, read more here.

Click here to view our Primary Curriculum Code of Practise

Homework Policy

Homework activities will be set to cover a broad range of curriculum areas. Maths, English and SEAL activities will be given at least once each half term to practise key skills. More information on our homework policy can be found here.

LDC SRB Policy

This policy is a statement of the aims, principles and practice for Browick Road Primary School’s SRB for Speech and Language, the Language Development Centre (LDC). It has been drawn up with regard to documentation prepared by Norfolk Children’s Services, in consultation with Browick Road Primary School Staff and Governors, and the Speech and Language Therapy Service. More here.

Remote Learning Policy

Safeguarding Policy

In light of the current Covid-19 situation we have updated our Safeguarding Policy to reflect expected practice during the Covid 19 pandemic. Click here to view the updated policy.

The purpose of Browick Road Primary School’s safeguarding policy is to ensure every child who is a registered pupil at our school is safe and protected from harm.

If you have any concerns about the financial management or safeguarding (staff conduct) at the school, please click on the link here for the Whistleblowing procedures

Teaching and Learning Policy

A more able child, as defined by our school, is a child who achieves, or who has the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of his/her peer group, in any particular area. Read more about our Teaching and Learning policy.

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