Lockdown learning – The end of an era

Well done to everybody, in school and at home, for getting through the latest challenge we have all been thrown. We have all been really impressed with how you have adapted, particularly those of you at home who have learnt a totally new way of learning together. 

Here is the tiniest selection of work Spain Class have completed. You will enjoy the stop-motion animations created by our home-school creative heroes. There are also some ‘process’ cloud paintings/drawings and Narnia wardrobes created from craft kits and things around the house. 

Back to school next week, and I am certain we will all come back stronger from this experience.

Year 2 – Maths

This week we have been busy, at home and school, making 2D and 3D shapes using different materials and objects. What shapes can you spot? 

Pancake fun!

We had lots of fun celebrating Pancake Day at Nursery, even if we were a week late!  The children enjoyed measuring out the ingredients and mixing the batter, and were fascinated by the way the batter became solid as the pancakes were cooked in the pan.  Plenty of flipping and enthusiastic eating took place afterwards, and we even managed some pancake races outside in the sunshine!

Year 5

Here’s some more Year 5 work which was completed just before the half term holiday.  We are so impressed with how hard you are all working at home. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Great Fire of London: Architects Needed to rebuild London!

This week we have kick-started our new topic on ‘The Great Fire of London’.  We have used the internet and information books to find out what happened, why it happened, how the fire spread, and when did it happen.  We then created one-page fact files based on what we could remember.

We then learnt about the job of an ‘architect’ and how they design all sorts of buildings.  The children came up with the idea that they should be an ‘Architect’ and build a new bakery on Pudding Lane for Thomas Farriner.  We used drawing pencils and rulers and the children came up with some fantastic designs.

Come and take a look at our fantastic work!

Spain Class Blog Writing


This has been an exceptional half-term, where Year 3 have shown excellence resilience and adaptation to their new place in home and bubble school. Below is a selection of writing about their experiences, sharing their routines and favourite activities. 

Also attached is the tiniest sample of some of their excellent work. There are some rock cakes made in the spirit of our Science learning on rocks, some toucan art we did with Draw with Rob, cubist pastel work and junk landmark modelling, but they have done so much more! 

Well done Year 3 – we wish you all a restful half-term.

China class blog week beginning 8th February

Two things in the air this week: Snow and love. Both of which have made the children in class very excited!

They all enjoyed the snow at home whilst school was closed and even did their home learning too. We enjoyed seeing their photos on Tapestry. 

We have been learning about Valentine’s Day this week. We learned about the origins and found out about Norfolk’s very own legend of Jack Valentine. They received a letter from him telling them he had run out of magic ..and had to make love potions to help. They rose to the challenge with aplomb and ingredients included unicorn tears, lavender drops and a flamingo. The magic worked for the children in class at least who after hearing a knock on the door were surprised by a delivery of love heart sweeties! 

Work being enjoyed this week also included making cards with designs inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky’s concentric circle colour study, writing potion recipes and adding groups of objects in maths.

We would like to thank all the parents of children in school and at home: They have been a brilliant support to the children and to us and are doing a brilliant job. We’ve been so impressed by the progress the children are making and we know that this is really tough for the parents at home to manage. 

The ladies in class – Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Philpott and Mrs Waupotitsch  – have worked so hard all half term often going above and beyond the call of duty to support the children. Thank you so much!

Have a restful break and we’ll see you on Monday 22nd in one form or another. 

Year 5 Home Learning

Here’s a selection of work completed by Italy Class at home: Character descriptions, coding, multiplication and volcano diagrams. Fantastic work, everyone!

Learning about Chinese New Year – 1st February

This week in China class we’ve been learning all about Chinese New Year at home and in school. In keeping with Chinese tradition we have made a wishing tree. Chinese custom is that people write their wishes then attach them to a piece of fruit on a string, which is then thrown up into a wishing tree. If the wish sticks on the tree it may come true! The children works hard on their writing and the tree looks great. What would you wish for? 

We also really enjoyed trying some Chinese foods – noodles, prawn crackers, egg fried rice and dumplings. The children really loved the noodles and prawn crackers and whilst the dumplings weren’t that popular we were really proud of them for trying something new. 

We also made dragons, lucky money envelopes and did some dances with our dragons to Chinese music! 

Remote Learning in Year 6

Year 6 have been keeping really busy this half term – both at home and in school.
Here is just a taster of the work that was completed in January. It includes: writing about resolutions; weekly art classes with Start-Studio, Wymondham; writing about The Highwayman; learning about fractions and Decimals; writing for Pie Corbett’s live lessons; map work about the UK and North America; learning about Hinduism and planning electrical circuits! Phew!


We have been really impressed by how hard everyone’s been working at home – it’s a very strange time for everyone and we know that online learning is very different and not always easy. However, you’re doing a fantastic job! It’s great to see you all each morning and in our live lessons, and it’s been great to see how independent some of you are becoming whilst sorting out and handing in your own work from home.  The children in school have adjusted really well too and are doing some great work. We’re really proud of all of you. One more week until half term – well done and keep going! 


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