Nursery w/b 20.5.24

Our story will be:  Tidy

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Ring a ring o roses

Our maths work will focus on:   Capacity – how much liquid a container can hold.  We will be using the vocabulary of ‘full’ and ‘empty’ and comparing different containers.

We will also be:  finding out about floods and how mud is made, making boats to save Pete the Badger from the flood, and revising rhyme and initial sounds.

Year 2 – DT cooking

Last week we made some delicious potato rosti as part of DT.

Our class trip to the Baptist Church and Wymondham Abbey

We had a great morning visiting some Christian places of worship in our local community. We were very lucky to have a talk with Pastor Paul Smith at the Baptist Church. He told us about how Christians use this space to celebrate their religion. He also discussed the wider support they provide our community. Later, we also got a tour of Wymondham Abbey. This interesting talk delved into the history of the Abbey as well as how this space is used by the Christian community. These two different spaces provided us with a greater understanding of the similarities as well as the differences there are within Christianity.

Science – Electricity

In this study, we have become a little more expert in physics – thinking about electricity. We have been building on our knowledge of open and closed circuits to test hypothesis about the brightness of the bulb. We made 3 circuits. We started with a basic circuit with 2 wires, a bulb and a battery. We thought about the cause and effect on the dependent variable, the brightness of the bulb, as we changed the independent variables, how many batteries and bulbs the circuit had.

Race For Life

On Sunday 12th May, one of our Year Fives, Millie Jenkins, completed Race for Life at the Norfolk Showground.  She completed it with her mum and some of her mum’s friends and they raised £600! Many congratulations, Millie!  We are all very proud of you!

Year 1 – Textiles

Year 1 are learning about the artist Anne Kelly and how a range of materials can be used to create art.  We explored methods of manipulating fabric by poking, pulling, threading and weaving. Retha-Mari kindly helped us to weave and gave us her weaving frames.

Year 4 DT Electrical Systems

Are you brave enough to play Piranha Lake? We made an electrical game using our knowledge of switches. By covering a piece of cardboard in aluminium foil, which conducts electricity, we made a ‘lake’. Next, we made cardboard piranhas and put drawing pins through them. All except one of the fish had masking tape on the back of the drawing pin, which meant they would not conduct electricity. After this, we connected a circuit containing a buzzer to the lake. Using the crocodile clip on the end of a wire connected to the battery, we then played piranha roulette, taking it in turns to pick a fish up with the clips. If the buzzer didn’t sound, we found a safe fish. If the buzzer went off, the circuit had been completed and therefore the piranha was found! We worked so hard in groups to make our games and really enjoyed it!

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