Year 6 Science Topic

Our new Science topic is ‘Light’ and we’ve been learning some really interesting facts about how we see. Here are some explanations from children’s books, some independent pieces done for our display and a brilliant (but unfinished) pencil sketch.

Reception Class Blog 25th Sept

This has been our first full week of being in school every day and the children have really risen to the challenge!They have all been learning to join in with class routines: How we sit together on the carpet; being brave and answering the register; learning what to do at lunchtimes and most importantly getting to know each other and developing new friendships. 

The children have explored lots of new equipment. We’ve been excited to use our outdoor classroom and practise our balance skills as well as using the mud kitchen. Indoors there have been shape pictures to make and we’ve had lots of mark-making activities on offer. Some children wanted to use large paper on different surfaces such as walls and floors. We also tipped paint onto paper and explored what happens when we use our hands and other tools to mix colours and make marks. It was lots of messy fun!

Year 2 Nurture

This week in Nurture we read the book ‘If You Plant a Seed’. It talked about kindness and how much it can grow if cared for. We wrote or drew a picture of something kind and put this in the bottom of our newspaper pot. We took turns in adding the soil and planting a pea. Let’s see how well our kindness grows!

What an exciting couple of weeks we have had in Denmark Class!

We arrived one morning to discover something has crashed landed in our school garden!  After lots of investigating and researching, we discovered green slime and a little alien was hiding under the cone!  We made the alien feel welcome by inviting him into class, paying him compliments and showing him what a lovely class we are.  In art we created space pictures for ‘Alie the Alien’ to feel more at home.  These were based on the artist ‘Peter Thorpe’ and used his style of oil pastels on black paper.  We have designed and labelled alien body parts and created salt dough models which we painted in neon colours.

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Year 5 Class Blog 18.9.20

In science this week, Italy Class planned an investigation to find out which material was the most durable. They had to recommend which material would be most appropriate to use for a food preparation surface by investigating absorbency, smoothness and hardness.   Everyone worked really well with their partner and came to their own conclusion about which was best.

In English, we are reading the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ which is helping us to learn what life would have been like in the Stone Age.  We wrote diary entries imagining that we were the boy in the story who had travelled back in time.  As well as describing what a day in the life of a stone age person would be like, we also had to remember to organise our writing in the style of a diary.  The classroom was filled with many enthusiastic writers who were very keen to share their writing with the class.

BUSY BEES BLOG 18th September

What a fun and super-busy first week back at Nursery!  The children have all adapted brilliantly to our new drop-off routine, and everyone is trying hard to come in with a cheerful smile and a wave.  We have focused on settling in and learning new routines this week.  The Nursery Class children have learned our ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Goodbye’ songs, have practised answering to their names in the register, and have learned all about our ‘Give me 5’ rules – they might be able to tell you about them at home!  They have also been practising good handwashing, and have learned another new song to help with this!  All of the children have enjoyed exploring the nursery inside and out, and trying out all of the activities on offer – have a look at the photos for just a few examples of what they’ve been up to.  We’ve even managed to squeeze in school photos and a fire drill – phew, what a busy week!

Year 2 Nurture

We have been busy making hope and dream flags this afternoon! The children talked about their dreams for the future and decorated their flag. They then did a running stitch to hang it up. I’m sure that you’ll agree that they look brilliant!

It has been great to see the children back in school and getting really into their Year 3 learning.

As part of the study of our class country, ‘Spain’, the children created their own Pablo Picasso inspired cubist portraits. The style was influenced by Picasso’s interest in capturing faces from all different angles and blending it into one portrait with bold colours. We kept it simple with just the front and side profiles, but it is a fun one to experiment with at home. In all the excitement, the teachers missed the opportunity to take many photos – but here are some we did get!

This week in Year 4 Mexico class we have been learning about how sound travels


Our learning objectives were:

Identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating

Recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear

Recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases

The children investigated how musical instruments were played and how we heard the sounds.  We talked about vibrations, and listened to tuning forks and felt the vibrations in our hands.  We could see the vibrations moving water when we submerged the tuning fork into a bowl of water.  The children also understood sound travelling through vibrations using elastic bands and looking at grains of rice moving on top of a drum.

We carried out an investigation by making our own cup and string telephones.  It was lots of fun!

We looked at whether we could hear more clearly when the string was pulled taut, or when it was loose.  We found out what happened round corners, and the effects of putting a knot in the middle of the string.

We know that light travels faster than sound, but sound can change speed depending on what medium it is travelling though.  Sound travels fastest through solids, and slowest through air.  Think about whether you can hear sounds underwater (how do whales and dolphins communicate?).

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