Star Writers

Congratulations to our new ‘Star Writers’ – Chloe, Rupert, Imogen, Eleanor, Rosie and Oli!

We have been working on newspaper reports in class for the past few weeks and there are four excellent reports here, but it has also been nice to include some children’s homework on our display. Well done to everyone for getting used to using Microsoft Teams for finding and submitting your English homework. If anyone does have any issues with using it at home, we can also provide paper copies if necessary. 

Math Methods & Chilly Hands Hockey

Spain Class have done a great job getting stuck into Year 3 Maths, adding and subtracting numbers with 3-digits and sometimes rolling into the thousands. To help us explore these bigger numbers, the children are learning new methods to help them solve calculations in the most efficient way possible. In the lesson photo’d below, the children worked with a partner and went big on the sugar paper to help them present their methods with confidence. 

In PE, we have been practising hockey skills in some cool weather. They have been doing lots of dribbling exercises, passing, shooting and some teamwork games. They have all worked hard and show plenty of athletic ability. 

Finally, our art for St Martins. There were some magical creations from the children, using their imagination to bring their first names to life to help bring some cheer to those in need. 

Story Mountains & Stone Age Pots

Year 3 children have been working hard imagine and build a story plan for a new ending to Stone Age Boy. There is plenty to think about when approaching a story so this method of planning will have helped them to see the flows of a narrative and build up each part with lots of details. They are coming up to the end of their write-up and we can’t wait to read their finished pieces. 

Attached below is a Year 3 writer poster which helps show all the skills Spain Class children can work hard on to help them flourish as writers. 

In our topic the children explored different clay techniques to make Stone Age pots. Although not many pots have been discovered from the Stone Ages, we did look at photos of a few that had, and tried to replicate one of the methods they used to make our own replicas. They chose either:The coil technique, the slab technique, or moulded the pot shape with their thumbs. Then they added a typical pattern for that era and added a rim or some handles (sadly no photos). 

Year 2 – Nurture

This week in our Nurture session we read ‘Jeremy Worried About the Wind’ and discussed how worrying makes us feel. We then made some streamers to take outside and fly in the wind.

India Class Maths

In maths, India class have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have sorted, named and described different shapes by their properties. We enjoyed working with our partners.


To continue with our topic on ‘Festivals and Celebrations’, we have been learning about another festival of light.  This week we have learnt about the Jewish festival of light called Hanukkah.  We looked in detail about the special candlestick called a Menorah and how the oil was only meant to burn for one night but it lasted eight nights.  We took on the role of news reporters and had to carefully name and describe a Menorah.  We thought of our own sentences and spoke in our ‘talking tins’ so we didn’t forget what we wanted to write.  We listened back to what we had said and wrote our sentences down in our books.  Afterwards we got to design and make our own menorahs out of Lego!

Year 4 PE

This week we have been continuing our learning on invasion games and hockey.

We have been recapping our dribbling skills, and learning to stop, control and pass the ball to another player.

French: Bonjour!

This week we have been learning to talk about our names.

Comment t’appelle tu?

Je mapelle ………..

What is your name?  Practise at home with your family!

Science Y4: Electricity – Conductor or Insulator?

This week we have been carrying out a test to see whether materials are conductors or insulators.

We set up a working circuit first, and then added different objects to see if the bulb or buzzer would still operate.  Lots of our predictions were correct!

Teamwork and Air-Raid Shelters

To go with our very busy mornings – working hard on our English and Maths – we’ve been having some really fun afternoons recently. 

We’re really enjoying having some PE sessions with Mr Mardell from Community Sports this half term. We’ve been doing lots of games and activities to do with teamwork, problem-solving and improving our own skills. 

In our topic lessons, we have been working on making models of Anderson and Morrison shelters like those used in WWII. Everyone designed their own and the creations are looking amazing! Here a few pictures from the making process and some of the extra pieces of work that children have done after finishing. We’ve still got a few left to finish… check back for pictures of all of their models next week!

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