Year 2 – Nurture

This week in Nurture time we painted pictures to different pieces of classical music. Firstly, Mrs Riccobena asked us how the music made us feel and we moved our arms to the music. Then we listened a second time and chose appropriate colours to create our artwork. Can you tell which feelings are represented in the artwork? 

Our Alien Creations!

We have been super creative over the last few weeks designing and making alien puppets.  We looked at different puppets to see what was good about them before spending time on designing our own.  We used felt and cotton to sew the made body of our puppets before sticking on the details.  We are super pleased with how well they turned out!  We thought about what we like about our puppets and what we would change for next time.  We just need to think of some cool alien names for them now…..I wonder what we will come up with!

What a busy week of bear hunting we had last week in Nursery!

The children absolutely loved listening to and joining in with the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ (on quite a number of occasions!), and all became experts at the repeated refrain!  They listened carefully to the sounds associated with the different obstacles in the story, and played games matching the sounds to the correct actions.  We  watched a performance of the story by the author, Michael Rosen and had lots of practice of retelling the story whilst playing in our ‘bear hunt’ tuff tray, complete with real mud, lots of grass, a shaving foam snowstorm, a ‘splashy sploshy’ river and lots of twigs and leaves to ‘stumble trip’ in.  We used the patterns made by the words in the story to practise our mark making, and exercised our fingers by threading laces and using tweezers to pick up pom pom ears and googly eyes for bear faces.  Our maths activities included matching bears to pattern cards according to their colour and size, and counting how many bears were hiding in different caves!  One of our STEM challenges was to build a cave for bears using building blocks and natural materials.  The children were brilliant at this, and lots of very complicated structures were produced!

The pinnacle of the week’s excitement was definitely our own bear hunt in Forest School!  We searched high and low, making our way over, under and through lots of obstacles, before finally finding our bear in his own little cave in a tree!  Luckily, he was a very friendly bear, who was happy to accompany us back to Nursery for more fun and games.

Year 2 Nurture

This week’s nurture activity was based on The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We talked about our feelings and explained that all of those feelings are ok. We each had our own colour monster to colour to show how we felt. What colour would your monster be and why?

An update from Year 3

We have had a very productive few weeks back in school and are beginning to feel right at home now in Spain class.

I have provided you with a digital copy of our Stone Age Knowledge Organiser. This will be used in class to help the children remember key vocabulary, and visualise the changing events over time. There is a link at the bottom of the sheet for the children to delve deeper into the topic if they want to know more… When we first stepped back in time, the children asked some brilliant, probing questions of things they wanted to find out. These questions now keep us warm as you can see on our Stone Age display.

In Science, we have been exploring light. Where does it come from? How do we see? How are shadows made? The children explored shadows using owl puppets and torches, measuring the shadows at different distances from the light source to see how they change.

In the spirit of light and dark, we have also started reading The Owl Who Is Afraid Of The Dark in our English lessons. In preparation for the story, the children wrote some Dark is poems which we will be able to share with you shortly.

Finally, the weird and wonderful portraits in the style of Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, are now looking over us all day long. The array of styles and colours shows the uniqueness in all their artistic eyes. They’re really great!

Welcome to Italy class!

We started creating this display on move-up day in July, when we first learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock.  We discovered that he was an impressionist painter who liked to create art by dripping and splashing paint onto a large canvas.  Using ready mix paint, we worked collaboratively to create a colourful piece of art which we have used to mount the labels for this display.  Once we were back at school in September, we created these portraits in the style of Jackson Pollock. We hope you like them!

We have had a very busy week in Year 4!

In P.E we have been learning to attack and defend in netball, and tried our hand at goal shooting.

Topic work took us to the Iron Age and we imagined that we were in a Celtic village after visiting our round house.  We took on different roles as villagers and learnt that everybody depended on everyone else doing their job such as hunters, famers, cooks and blacksmiths.  We brought our jobs to life through outdoor drama work.  It was lots of fun.

Out of this world, continuing our Sci-Fi theme in English, we worked on inventing alien and Sci Fi characters.  This lead us on to trickery using the iPads on the Photo Booth app.  We created self-portraits in our alien image!

India Class 2nd October 2020

In the first weeks of term we having been reading lots of traditional stories including The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have loved listening to them and talking about the characters. All the stories start with ‘Once upon a time’ and most of them end with ‘They lived happily ever after’. The bears weren’t very happy though, after Goldilocks had been in their house! Here’s a photo of the display we’ve made in our classroom.

Alie the Alien!

We have had so much fun looking after Alie the Alien and making sure he was having a fun time learning in our class.  We turned up to school one day last week with a letter for us to read.  It was from Mr and Mrs Zoob asking us if we have seen their alien baby!  We wrote postcards back to them with a description to see if it was Alie…..and it was!!  So we decided it was time to say goodbye and help Alie on his way back home.  We read the story book ‘The way back home’ by Oliver Jeffers and it gave us lots of inspiration.  We wrote a list of all the equipment we might need to make a rocket and send him into space.  Out on our school field, we used a stomp rocket to fly him high in the sky.  This was so exciting and we all had a go a ‘stomping’ him into orbit!

Bye bye Alie, we will miss you!

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