Year 6 WWII Shelters

Here are our finished Anderson shelters – and one Morrison shelter!

The class all worked so hard on these – they researched the original wartime shelters, researched their own ideas about how to make them, drew detailed designs and then worked hard to create their masterpieces. We are really proud of them and think they look great!

Year 2 – What a mystery!

This week we received some mysterious letters from different fairytale characters: Prince Charming, Goldilocks, Jack (with the beanstalk!) and one of the little pigs. They needed our help to solve different mysteries. We thought about what we could do and wrote some letters in return. 

Merry Christmas!

We have had lots of fun over the last few weeks learning different songs.  Some of the songs we have learnt are linked to a panto that we will watch next week.

We wanted to film one of our favourite songs to help spread some Christmas cheer!  We hope you enjoy watching it …… and see if you can join in too!

Why was the Roman army so successful?

This week in Year 4 we have been investigating why the Roman Army was so successful.

We discovered that:

They were a fine fighting machine.  The men were trained hard by Centurions.

They had the right equipment – helmet, shield, hobnailed sandals, armour

They had weapons – gladius (short sword), dagger, pilium (spear)

They were organised – legions of 5,000 men, battle plans, formations and tactics like the Tortoise (or testuno).

We had lots of fun taking orders from different Centurions!

Year 2 – RE

Today we have been learning about the Nativity story. We ordered the events of the story and held freeze frames for different parts. Can you tell which parts of the story we are acting out?

Stig Descriptions

We have written character descriptions of Stig, a caveman found living in a chalk pit, in our best handwriting and created a display.  Please take time to read some of our descriptions, we have worked so hard on them.

Year 2 – Maths – Sharing

This week we have been sharing in maths. We talked about equal and unequal groups and ensured that our groups were equal. Some of us even began to use the division symbol!

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