Sweden Class – Year 6


Welcome to Sweden class. We are in Year 6 and our teacher is Miss Walker. Miss Maxam and Mrs Fortescue are our Teaching Assistants.

Year 6 Residential to Norfolk Lakes

June 18, 2021

We were SO pleased that our residential was finally able to happen! It’s been a long wait as it was postponed twice. Thank you to everyone at Norfolk Lakes who gave us a weekend to remember!

You may have seen some photos already on our school Facebook page, but here are some more pictures of everyone doing the activities. We took a LOT of photos so there will be some more still to come next week!

Wymondham stART Studio Visit

May 28, 2021

The class had such a brilliant time at the Wymondham stART studio this week. A huge thank you to Sarah Ashcroft for inviting us! 

Sarah showed us how to use acrylic paints and how to layer them effectively – they particularly enjoyed using hair driers to dry each layer! They had a choice of pictures to use as inspiration – both involving blending colours to create a water/sky background, and both incorporating the theme of ‘the dot’ somewhere in there. 

You can come and see their artwork in our special exhibition in July – originals and prints of each painting will be for sale!

A Busy Half Term

May 21, 2021

What a great half term we’ve had in Year 6! Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks:

We have written book reviews of some of our favourite books and took photos reading in unusual places.

Whilst learning about the Ancient Egyptians, we mummified fruit in our own ‘Natron’ and have left them to dry… we’ll see what they look like next week! 

In Science we’ve been learning about the body and focusing on the heart and circulation system. As part of this, we learned about drugs and how some can be really good for us, but some can have negative effects or are even illegal. We had a great discussion and produced these fantastic collages to go alongside our writing. 
Finally, it’s been so nice to get back into proper music lessons again! Here we all are playing guitar, keyboard and drums along to the Musical Futures backing track. 

Next week, we have visits to StART studio, Forest Schools, clay pots to paint and explanation texts to write.. keep an eye out for some photos of those!

Remote Learning in Year 6

February 7, 2021

Year 6 have been keeping really busy this half term – both at home and in school.
Here is just a taster of the work that was completed in January. It includes: writing about resolutions; weekly art classes with Start-Studio, Wymondham; writing about The Highwayman; learning about fractions and Decimals; writing for Pie Corbett’s live lessons; map work about the UK and North America; learning about Hinduism and planning electrical circuits! Phew!


We have been really impressed by how hard everyone’s been working at home – it’s a very strange time for everyone and we know that online learning is very different and not always easy. However, you’re doing a fantastic job! It’s great to see you all each morning and in our live lessons, and it’s been great to see how independent some of you are becoming whilst sorting out and handing in your own work from home.  The children in school have adjusted really well too and are doing some great work. We’re really proud of all of you. One more week until half term – well done and keep going! 


Year 6 WWII Shelters

December 14, 2020

Here are our finished Anderson shelters – and one Morrison shelter!

The class all worked so hard on these – they researched the original wartime shelters, researched their own ideas about how to make them, drew detailed designs and then worked hard to create their masterpieces. We are really proud of them and think they look great!

Star Writers

December 1, 2020

Congratulations to our new ‘Star Writers’ – Chloe, Rupert, Imogen, Eleanor, Rosie and Oli!

We have been working on newspaper reports in class for the past few weeks and there are four excellent reports here, but it has also been nice to include some children’s homework on our display. Well done to everyone for getting used to using Microsoft Teams for finding and submitting your English homework. If anyone does have any issues with using it at home, we can also provide paper copies if necessary. 

Teamwork and Air-Raid Shelters

November 26, 2020

To go with our very busy mornings – working hard on our English and Maths – we’ve been having some really fun afternoons recently. 

We’re really enjoying having some PE sessions with Mr Mardell from Community Sports this half term. We’ve been doing lots of games and activities to do with teamwork, problem-solving and improving our own skills. 

In our topic lessons, we have been working on making models of Anderson and Morrison shelters like those used in WWII. Everyone designed their own and the creations are looking amazing! Here a few pictures from the making process and some of the extra pieces of work that children have done after finishing. We’ve still got a few left to finish… check back for pictures of all of their models next week!

Year 6 Writing

November 10, 2020

Across the school, we are working particularly hard on our writing at the moment. The ‘Year 6 Writer’ list below shows the different steps required for achieving the ‘expected’ level at the end of the year. We will be looking at this regularly in class but it’s also a useful reminder to have at home – particularly now that the children are beginning to have more homework tasks. 

Last week, we started looking at newspaper reports and the children have written a first draft of a report based on a lighthouse video. Here are a few examples of their work so far:

We’ve had a very busy last week of half term in Sweden Class!

October 22, 2020

In Maths, we have been revising how to multiply two 2-digit numbers using the column method and using this to solve problems.

We have been working on our character writing in English and have written some excellent diary entries based on WWII.In History, we learned about the Axis and Allies and enjoyed working together to match up facts about each country – and find them on a world map! And we also learned about how they used codes so we had a go at using the Pigpen code to write our own messages.

We also recapped Romero Britto’s style of artwork and created some pieces of art which will be given out to people at Christmas as part of a charity project.

And finally, Jess received a ‘Winner’ award for some engineering work completed as part of our Science learning last year! Well done Jess!

Well done everyone for a super start to Year 6. Enjoy the holiday!

Sweden Class October Updates

October 13, 2020

Congratulations to our first Star Writers of the year: Daisy, Oliver, Peony, Jess, Finlay and Zak! They’ve all made a great start to Year 6 with some excellent writing – well done!

We have also been working on improving our sentences using a ‘slow writing’ technique. Here are a couple of our first attempts – using whiteboards to practise on for less pressure! Some more examples to come from work in books soon. 

Our class music lessons are currently being done with half a class at a time to keep in line with safety advice. Here’s one half enjoying a musical warm up from Charanga while the other half were doing some cross-country practice outside! 

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