Children in Nursery and Reception are taught the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and children in Years 1 to 6 are taught the National Curriculum.

For the EYFS curriculum click here.

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Religious education follows the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus. We have a daily assembly and welcome local ministers and other visitors into school to lead assemblies. If you wish to withdraw your child from assemblies or RE you may do so by notifying the Headteacher in writing, indicating your reasons.

Both the EYFS and the National Curriculum provide children with an introduction to the essential knowledge they need to learn well, make good progress and be educated citizens. Our school curriculum enhances the core elements of those statutory curriculums by promoting children’s love of learning, spiritual development, creativity and a sense of individual place and value in the world.

Children are taught a variety of languages throughout the school from odd words in EYFS, French in KS1 and French and Spanish in KS2. The outdoor environment, including our allotment and wildlife area, promote learning across the whole curriculum.

We develop children’s learning resilience; teaching them to take risks, persevere and be bold in an environment which is sensitive to their needs and where they feel secure.

Careful and rigorous assessments give a clear measure of attainment and progress for every child. From this learning can be personalised with each child working towards achieving their individual targets.

Our homework policy can be found here

What is taught in each year group is detailed in our year group topic maps. Click on the links below to see each topic map:


Occasionally, throughout the year, we hold workshops for parents to attend to give them an insight into different areas of the curriculum, how subjects are taught, methodology, vocabulary, techniques used and anything else that would be useful to know to enable parents to support their child in a particular subject. Any presentations and handouts can be found by clicking the links below.

Year 1 Phonics Workshop:

Phonics presentation

Phonics leaflet

Sound sheet with word ideas

Maths Workshop:

Maths Workshop presentation.

Maths in EYFS

Examples of written calculation strategies

Parents Guide to the National Curriculum in Maths

Writing Workshop:

100 High Frequency Words

Years 1 and 2 word list

Years 3 and 4 word list

Years 5 and 6 word list

New RSHE Curriculum:

RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) is due to become a statutory subject in 2021. This means the subject must be taught in schools.  Following lots of staff training, in January 2020 we launched our 8-week plan for developing RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) to parents and Governors.

In our January workshop we shared some new resources and talked to parents about the exciting changes to the subject. We answered lots of questions and received very positive feedback. Some of the information on the resources and details of the workshop including parent questions appear below. 

We’re beginning to put our new RSHE curriculum in place in this school year and over the next year we will also include things like money skills, basic first aid and mental health and wellbeing.

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